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November 6, 2023

We're always happy to hear from landowners about their sites, and to let them know whether or not we think it has development potential.

Every site is unique and determining the chances of securing planning permission is dependent on the specific characteristics of your land. We'll look at technical considerations like ecology and flood risk, highways and heritage. We'll also consider national, local and neighbourhood planning designations as well as any new plans and policies that might be in the pipeline.

To be able to do that - and to give you the most accurate advice - we need to know the approximate boundaries of your land.

You might have a plan of your site already but if you don't, here are two simple ways you can provide one.

1. Send us a Land Registry title plan

The Land Registry is the government agency that keeps records of who owns what land.

You can download a plan from their website showing the exact legal boundaries of your land ownership for just £3.

It's a really simple process - just follow this link to find out how.

2. Make your own plan

Although having the Land Registry plan is helpful, the plan you provide doesn’t need to be quite that sophisticated - you might want to produce your own.

For example, an aerial photograph from Google Maps with a hand drawn line will do just as well. We simply need to be certain we’re looking at the right site.

Once you have your plan, you can either email it to us or submit it via our online form. Don't forget to include any other information you think might be helpful too, like any previous attempts at securing planning permission, or details of any pipes or cables under the ground that might not be immediately obvious.

And that's all we need! We’ll carry out our initial due diligence and get back to you with our thoughts on your site's development potential, free of charge and with no obligation!

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