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July 11, 2023

The Strategic Land Group (SLG)has secured a new promotion agreement in South Derbyshire, adding to its current16-site portfolio.

Located in Overseal, SouthDerbyshire, the site, which is currently used for agricultural purposes, covers30 acres and will see the creation of a circa 200-home development.

Benefiting from pleasant surroundings on the edge of the existing village, the new development will also deliver a large country park for new and existing residents to enjoy.  

The process will be managed bySLG’s managing director, Paul Smith, who will promote the site through SouthDerbyshire’s new Local Plan.

Paul said, “This is a fantastic site, with all the necessary attributes to create attractive new family homes in a pleasant location. Along with its position on the edge of the existing village, a residential development in this location can easily be integrated with current public rights of way, helping to create a walkable neighbourhood and supporting wellness.

“We look forward to working with the landowner and the local authority to move the plans forward, delivering much-needed new homes to help ease the shortage within the area.”

Overseal is a Key ServiceCentre in the adopted Local Plan for South Derbyshire, identified as a favourable location to provide much needed new homes within the county.

SLG is one of the UK’s most successful land and renewable energy promoters. It is currently working with a16-site portfolio and is actively promoting sites with the potential to deliver more than 2,500 new homes and with a gross development value of circa £750million.

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