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October 25, 2023

This month marks a major milestone for The Strategic Land Group (SLG) as it celebrates its 15th year in business.

SLG was founded on the belief that every landowner should be able to benefit from promoting land through the planning process; a system that remains extremely complicated, is expensive to navigate and feels inaccessible to most people.

Since 2008, the land and renewable energy promoter has secured planning consent for sites across the UK, paving the way for the delivery of thousands of new homes.

Led by Managing Director, Paul Smith, SLG is now one of the UK’s leading land promoters, known for its expertise and knowledge and trusted by landowners and developers alike.

SLG uses its knowledge and experience to find a solution for even the most complex of sites, securing the necessary planning permissions. Illustrating the level of care and attention paid to each individual site, the quality of SLG's projects has been praised by local councillors and home builders as well as its landowner partners.

Commenting on the milestone, Paul said: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 15th year in business; we’ve worked with fantastic landowners, agents and developers to deliver much-needed new homes, while doing our bit to influence policy and tackle the housing crisis.

“We’re very proud of the work we’ve done so far and look forward to continuing to work with landowners to bring forward new developments, while growing our renewable energy projects and supporting the UK’s transition to Net Zero Carbon.”

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